Planning Board Meeting - 3/7/2023

Open Agenda

Memorialization 00:01:33

Brunswick Estates Application Update Overview 00:04:35

Brunswick Estates Attorney Tim Arch 00:08:32

Brunswick Estates Engineer Sharif Aly 00:12:39

Brunswick Estates Traffic Engineer Connor Hughes 00:23:19

Applicant VP of Operations Hossam Sorour 00:32:25

Brunswick Estates Planner Frank Antisell 00:50:31

Brunswick Estates Architect Frank Truilo 01:04:55

Public Hearing 01:13:13

Brunswick Estates Application Vote 01:50:06

Garden State Botanicals Attorney Rosalind Westlake 01:55:10

Applicant VP of Operations Tom Murzenski 01:56:56

Garden State Botanicals Planner John Taikina 02:18:58

Garden State Botanicals Application Vote 02:37:58

Zoning Map Amendments 02:39:53

Environmental Commission Meeting Report 02:42:23